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Make Your Business Shine With Our Illuminated Signage

With an illuminated sign, you can make sure no one ever need miss you after dark. Few signage options offer quite the same impact as a backlit or feature lit sign design. Often seen outside hotels and late-night businesses, lightboxes and other lit signs are also useful to show the way to industrial estates and business parks, or anywhere that stays open after the sun sets. Illuminated bar signs are a great way of pulling in customers, much as illuminated shop signs can also help highlight your business and drive much-needed custom. Needless to say, in the winter months and the seasonal period, illuminated signs really come into their own.

Our lit signs can also be found in shopping centres, providing light to help customers find the exact store they are looking for. In darker indoor spaces they can be used to guide people, and we can provide illuminated exit signs for your customer’s safety and peace of mind.

We offer a wide range of lighting options, from individual backlit logos, large vinyl cut light boxes, trough-lit signs, right through to LED accented aluminium signs. We’ve included some examples of our work below, but if you need more information you can check out our brochure, which also includes all of our illuminated sign types along with technical specifications.

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