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Large Format Scaffolding Banners in PVC Vinyl Mesh

Few spaces in the modern city offer the potential for brand exposure provided by a large scaffolding erection. With their elevated position and huge square footage, a well-placed scaffolding banner can catch the eye of more potential customers than many billboards could ever hope to.

When placing such a large banner however, safety is paramount. If not properly produced and fitted, wind can cause real issues, which is why ours are manufactured from PVC Vinyl Mesh, a wonder material which has tiny holes to allow air to pass through. This means that your banner will not catch the wind and avoids stability issues on the scaffold itself, as well as potential injuries to those using it.

PVC Vinyl Mesh is extremely durable, and is also fire retardant, so you can be confident your banner, scaffold and the premises to which it is attached will be safe. State of the art printing technology means the quality of your scaffold banner design will not be compromised.

At Henderson Signs, we are experts at producing large format banners for scaffolding. We can also help with fitting your banner - please see our Services page for more details. Some examples of the top quality banners we have produced in the past can be seen below and on our Featured Projects page. And if you’re looking for something a little smaller for your scaffold, check out our Small Format Scaffolding Banners, Advertising Banners and Scaffolding Boards.

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Large Format Advertising Banners in PVC Vinyl Mesh

If your advertising agency are trying to make a big statement for a campaign, or your perhaps if your company are opening new premises and want to announce your arrival, you could do much worse then commissioning a large format advertising banner. With high visibility combined with Hendersons top quality printing, advertising with banners on a large scale is a great way of gaining the attention of as many people as possible.

Our large format advertising banners are made from the same durable, windproof and fireproof PVC Vinyl Mesh as our scaffolding banners, so they are 100% safe to fit to the outside of any building or structure. The main difference is that instead of holes to fit scaffolding poles, these banners have eye holes cut along the edges, which allows them to be fitted with ease. We can help with installation, and details are included on our services page.

Check out our examples above, or find more on our Featured Projects page. And if you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out our Smaller Advertising Banners and Boards.

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