Construction Hoardings for Commercial Site Signage

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Construction Hoarding Printing using Dibond and Foamex

All site developers know that when work begins, a new opportunity presents itself. Construction site hoardings do much more than keep your site secure: they offer up the square footage to make a huge statement, share information with the public and build curiosity about the development itself.

With the right construction hoarding design, a hoarding advertisement is one of the most effective ways of getting your message across. Most businesses would give an arm and a leg to occupy so much space. But with advertising space at a premium, most enterprises will never get the chance.

That’s exactly why, when given such a great chance to push your brand or promote your development, you need to make sure you make the most of this unique marketing opportunity, with the best construction site hoarding graphics, and printing that reflects your vision to the fullest. And that’s where Henderson Signs come in.

We’ve specialised in hoarding printing for many years, and our state of the art UV flatbed printing technology can do any design justice. We also have in-depth knowledge of construction site hoarding regulations, learned from years in the trade. We produce two construction hoarding types using different materials: Dibond and Foamex. Both are extremely durable, drillable for fixing to plywood, and laminated to weatherproof and ensure they do not fade in the sun, meaning your designs should never lose their lustre. Whatever your construction site hoarding requirements, Henderson Signs can help.

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Dibond is an ACP, or Aluminium Composite Sheet. The sheets consist of a Polyethlene core sandwiched between 2 sheets of aluminium. They are 3mm thick. The sheets can be drilled, screwed and shaped. Dibond boards are also rustproof, can withstand high wind loads and the image quality will not deteriorate if left in direct sunlight. They can be used for shop fascias, events & exhibitions or even as road signs. Its low size to weight ratio and outdoor durability make it perfect for printing advertising boards and construction hoardings. Dibond is 100% recyclable - see our Environment page for more details.

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